Generation Now

Student Ministry

“A Generation Committed to The Lord” 1 Peter 2:9

Generation Now Ministries is a ministry of Waldo Baptist Church. We exist to equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ through discipleship, building a family, and serving the community. This Generation has been chosen to grow in Christ NOW, to proclaim His glory NOW, and to make a difference NOW.

We Meet

Sunday Evenings 5:30pm  |  Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm

What To Expect

Meet Caleb & Katelin Waddell

Ministers to Students

Generation Now Student Ministries came about as Katelin and I were praying for the name and Identity of the Ministry here at Waldo. The Lord placed this name and idea on Katelin’s heart. He reminded us that this generation is a chosen generation for today. These students are called to be witnesses for God’s glory NOW, not later. Therefore, we knew that the Lord had given us the name and identity of His ministry here at Waldo.

A lot of people say, “Young people are the church of tomorrow.” There’s some truth to that. But young people are the church of today as well. So instead of waiting for them to grow up, we’re called to help them become active parts of the church today.
– Rick Chromey

Therefore, we desire to see the students of Generation Now embrace the calling on their lives today. We are going to disciple each student as they grow closer to Christ. We also want to create a family mentality within the student group through fellowship and serving alongside one another. We will set out to walk alongside the parents as well and equip them to better equip their students to be a generation on fire for the Lord.

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